• From John Antcliffe – Chrome Molly

    Hi Nigel,
    Just finished all guitar work on the new album, and I’d like to thank yourself and Danny for the amazing work you’ve done on my guitars. Usually, under the scrutiny of professional studio microphones intonation and tone can be a time consuming pain in the pocket. All four guitars were used on each track to achieve my sound and they all performed flawlessly. Our producer commented several times on their performance so thanks to you both again.
    Not only do they sound great the playability is just incredible.

    John Antcliffe
    Chrome Molly

  • From Ben

    Japanese Fender Vintage Strat – Re-fret with extra heavy Dunlop 6100 fretwire plus full Ritchie Blackmore scallop. 

    Just to say once again how delighted I am with the work you’ve done on my guitar!!

    I play this thing from morning ’til night, on stage, in the studio, everywhere. It’s much better than my U.S.A. Deluxe, even, and I now feel uncomfortable if I’m playing anything else!!

    Thanks for the great job


  • From Sonny

    Caparison Dellinger – specialist metal superstrat (Drop C tuning) – fretting and nut sorted, neck refinished, Hipshot Tremsetter installed 

    First off, thanks for the work on my Caparison. I cannot believe how
    BETTER than brand new the neck is. 

    Tremsetter: Why do more people not have them? Bends are now just like on my Les Paul. 


  • From Shaun

    S 520EXMGF – Superstrat – Full fret-dress, service and setup, EMG81 &EMG85 installed 

    Hey Nigel – its Shaun here just sending an email to say thank you !

    Never have i played such a great playing guitar, this guitar now is like butter in my hands it almost seems effortless to play it now and i can see this instrument now making me a better guitarist as not only does it sound and feel better but having such a high quality instrument has reignited my desire to play, ive played so much since i got it that i practically can’t bend strings anymore its too painful ! This guitar also sounds amazing for recording, the output of these pickups means my recordings sound more live and realistic and have much more crunch and i am infact suprised at the quality of the clean sound i can get from them by using both pickups together seing as they are designed for Metal. 

    So thank you for making a good instrument amazing, I’ll be playing till my fingers bleed now !

  • From Mark

    Fender Strat Heavy Metal and Ibanez Roadstar II 
    Strat pro setup 
    Ibanez Roadstar – rusty and hard used. Restore playability and fit pickup – repair locking trem etc.

    I just wanted to say it was pot luck that I found you (via Google) but I’m so glad I did. Both guitars sound and feel awesome. The difference in playability before and afterwards is enormous. I’ve been so impressed with the pickup in the Fender, I may get you to put one in the Ibanez too. All in all, great service at a great price and a personal touch from someone that clearly has a passion for guitars and guitarists. I’ve got no excuses now for not improving 


    Nigel comments – The Roadstar proved to have a gem of a neck. Very strong and stable allowing very playable, very low action. Certainly as good as the best J Craft necks.

  • From Mark Thomas

    Refret of an very old and worn Westone Thunder III 

    I would like to recommend the service provided by Nigel Roberts:

    First of all, Nigel is passionate and dedicated to turning any guitar he touches into the perfect dream instrument to play. This is a good place to start. I thought I had an accurate eye, but when I took my first guitar to Nigel I was shocked at the finest of details that he could spot (It was like the bionic man, with that special eye, picking up every nuance).

    The next thing you will notice when you meet Nigel, is that he is friendly and he genuinely wants to make a better instrument for you – which is why you are there in the first place, which leads on nicely to the fact that he then follows this through by providing you with a great guitar that plays and sounds better than it has ever done before.

    From my experience, Nigel’s attention to detail and skills are second to none, and I highly recommend his services without reserve.

    Mark Thomas