Guitar Gallery

Over the past 15 years we’ve worked on thousands of guitars, some more challenging than others! Here’s a small selection of some recent interesting projects.

  • A Twisted Rickenbacker
    This Rickenbacker 370/12 came to us when we were back at the old workshop. It had a very twisted neck that the owner had been told was unfixable. Of course, unfixable is a challenge we will always be tempted by… We strapped the guitar securely up to the StewMac Erlewine Neck Jig, and took as many… Read more: A Twisted Rickenbacker
  • Tele’s All Gold
    This guitar came to us for major upcycling! The customer wanted every visible bit of metal on the guitar changing to gold. He was resigned to keeping the old nickel frets but was very happy to learn about Jescar EVOgold fretwire and we were happy to install it for him… along with all the other… Read more: Tele’s All Gold
  • 50’s Silvertone Rescue
    A regular customer of ours called with an irregular request. Could we make him a guitar with a rubber bridge? It’d need to be old and battered looking but play and intonate nicely. The aim of the rubber bridge being to deaden the sound and give it the old fashioned, plinky plonk, Americana blues sound.… Read more: 50’s Silvertone Rescue
  • A Poorly PRS
    The less said about how this happened the better, I think. Needless to say, the owner wanted it to be rescued. We had a few ideas of how that might be done. The one that seemed the most sensible involved a friend of ours. This project became the first “joint” job we did with Mike.… Read more: A Poorly PRS