A Poorly PRS


The less said about how this happened the better, I think. Needless to say, the owner wanted it to be rescued. We had a few ideas of how that might be done. The one that seemed the most sensible involved a friend of ours. This project became the first “joint” job we did with Mike. Having seen the work he’d done with his own Stonewolf guitars we thought he might be able to rescue this one.


Mike’s work using combinations of epoxy resin, wood and other materials to get the interesting and unique designs on his guitars was the inspiration for the fix on this PRS. We stripped the useable parts of the body down to the bare wood and gave him our basic idea to get the guitar back together. He then redesigned the fix to something a million times better and created the beautiful plasma effect in the resin.


The finished product involved staining the guitar back close to its original sunburst and then a full gloss lacquer refinish. The resin channels are still transparent when held up to the light but this fix could also have been made invisible by respraying in a solid colour if required. The customer decided he’d like the resin to remain a feature of the guitar – good decision in my opinion! Mike also fixed all of the electrics, levelled & polished the original frets and refitted the (amazingly undamaged) neck. 


In all honesty, Mike did 99.9% of the work on this guitar. The main reason it appears on our website is to introduce him as a member of the team and show off the quality of his work. We’ve been working together on lots of projects since this one where all of our skills have been used in unison. There’s no harm bathing in the reflected glory of this triumph just the once, surely??

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