Repairs & Mods

Can It Be Fixed?

We’re always happy to take on a challenge. Most broken guitars can be fixed and we hate to see any have to go to the great guitar stand in the sky! 

Sometimes we have to invent a completely new way to fix a problem but 99% of the time it’s not hard to find another guitar that’s been through the same hard time as whatever is being presented to us. We keep up to date with lots of repair methods so there’s usually a way to fix whatever is thrown at us.  

The value of your guitar, sentimental or economic, will usually be the deciding factor in whether it gets fixed or not but it’s always worth getting in touch.


We undertake all sorts of mods, pickup swaps, rewires & upgrading of components. It’s always worth chatting to us before ordering any parts you want fitting. We know how enthusiastic guitarists can be but it’s very easy to order incorrect sizes, inferior quality etc when there’s so much choice. 

Over the years we’ve managed to build up a nice little network of suppliers, often through talking to customers. We usually know where to get the right parts for good prices. We’re never unhappy to hear about more good suppliers either so please let us know if you come across any.


We have always encouraged people to modify and upgrade their guitars.  We also love bringing old dusty instruments back to life. Most old guitars can be saved to some extent. We can make seized bridge saddles work again, we can fix your old broken tuners, we can respray that worn paint. 

We’ve kept thousands of old screws, bushes, ferrules and knobs that have come from various guitars over the years, Nige’s collection is probably older than us! We usually have a suitable part, if not the exact part, for emergencies.