Service & Setup

Basic Service – £65 + Strings

Standard Service – £100 + Strings

Fully Optimised Service – £150 + Strings

Guitar “Spa Day” Service – £500 + Strings

Bridge & Tremolo Rescue Service – from £35

Nuts & Saddles

“Raise & Refit” Nut Fix – £35

Pre-slotted Replacement Nut – £50

Custom made Replacement Nut – £75

Custom made Replacement Acoustic Saddle – £75

Pre-sized Replacement Saddle – £35


Fit Pickup/s – From £35 + parts

Replace Components – From £25 + parts

Full Rewire – From £75 (+ parts)

Control Cavity Shielding – from £50


Starting at £275, our refret price includes:

  • Jescar 18% Nickel/Silver Fretwire
  • Raising & refitting the original nut
  • Our Fully Optimised Service & Setup
  • Refret Checkup Service

Certain factors will affect the final cost. Please contact us for a detailed quote on your guitar.

Other Common Fixes & Mods

Fret Glueing – from £50

Trem Blocking – from £25

Neck Bolt Dowel & Refit –  from £35

Minor Cosmetic Fixes – from £25ph

Strings-through-body Bridge Mod – from £100

Acoustic Bridge Reglue – from £75

Custom made parts & covers – from £50

Neck Warp Heat Treatments – from £75

Decal Fitting – From £75

Neck Breaks & Resets

Simple Glue Fix – £100

Full Insert Fix – £250+

Back to Perfect – Ask for a quote

Resprays & Refinishing

We are now able to offer full resprays and relics using a variety of different methods. Refinishing is usually done away from our Hathern workshop, either at Mike’s place or with one of the other expert finishers we work with. We aim to refinish guitars back to custom shop, showroom quality. We don’t rush the process so waiting times can be long but the end results are worth it. Every respray will have different requirements so please contact us to arrange an appointment for us to assess your guitar.

Our minimum bench charge is now £35 and our standard workshop rate is £25ph. The standard prices on this list are based on a rough estimate of the time taken to complete any work. Unless otherwise stated, the cost of any parts required for the job will be added to the overall price of the work we undertake. We always try to give a full quote, including all part costs, before undergoing the work. When we quote for multiple guitars, or large amounts of work on a single instrument, we may adjust prices to suit. 

If you have any questions regarding anything that doesn’t appear on our price-list, please contact us here.