• From Myles Bishop

    “Very professional and honest service – for a great price too!
    Danny did everything I asked him to do to my strat and I couldn’t be happier with how much better it plays!
    I highly recommend Danny and Leicestershire Luthier’s to anyone looking to have any sort of guitar work done.”

  • From Dan H

    “Excellent service. Professional, friendly and really know their stuff!”

  • From James Bowley

    “Absolutely fantastic. Took my Gretsch GT5622T and a Mexican fender telecaster in for setups and optimisations. Both had slight intonation problems and would drop tuning during gigs quite often.
    Both guitars play and sound like different guitars now! Played the Gretsch at a gig the same day I picked it up and only had to tune it slightly once in a two hour slot. Completely re-ignited my passion for playing these two guitars again and given me confidence in them for regular gigging.
    Danny is a complete professional who charges reasonably and obviously puts his complete focus into each instrument.
    Couldn’t recommend enough!”

  • From James Garton

    “Nice guys and fantastic service they pay alot of attention to give a quality job”

  • From Andy Baker

    “I now have the ultimate strat for shredding (if I was capable!!!). The flatter compound radius fretboard combined with the yngwie scallop, the refret and fretdress and rolled edges result in a supremely comfortable fretboard where bending is a sinch without choking. Nige also provided me with guidance on how to select the pickups. The combination of noiseless dimarzios I went for works so well.

    I have two American special strats which Nige has scalloped the fretboard on and overhauled. I also have a signature yngwie strat which is a great guitar, but without doubt the guitars that Nige has landed his craftsmanship to outplays the higher priced artist series strat. Thanks loads Nige.”

  • From Simon Panter

    “Great team. Super work, friendly and helpful. Have also rescued some very poorly instruments.”

  • From Dirk Hickling

    “If you want any work doing on your guitar or need it setting up, you will not get any better!”

  • From Mike Asdf

    “Took my old squier bass in for a fret level and recrown. Fantastic job. Had it for a couple of weeks due to other work in progress but well worth the wait and the money. The old girl plays better than she ever has thanks to Danny and Nigel at Leicestershire luthiers.
    If you’re looking for decent guitar repair and servicing around Leicester I’d not hesitate to recommend them.”

  • From David Underwood

    “Would like to thank Danny for the work they did my guitar has made it a pleasure to play again . Excellent service and friendly can not recommended enough… Thank you”