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Privacy Policy

The consumer’s privacy is of utmost importance to us. We collect information from a variety of sources including from direct customer contact with us and third party resources.

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Workshop Terms and Conditions

Leicestershire Luthiers aim to deliver a quality professional service to all our customers. The following workshop repair and service Terms and Conditions may be subject to change at any time:

  1. Our Services
    1. When using Leicestershire Luthiers services the customer acknowledges and indicates their acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Instrument Drop-off / Collection
    1. All instruments are to be brought to and collected from the workshop by the customer unless otherwise agreed.
    2. All instruments must be deposited with an appropriate hard or soft case for protection on Leicestershire Luthiers premises. By leaving your guitar with us, you agree that we will not be held responsible for any damage done to a guitar without a case.
    3. When an instrument is ready for collection, the customer will be contacted by telephone or e-mail (as specified by the customer). A mutually convenient time for collection can then be agreed. Unless agreed otherwise instruments will not be released until all charges due have been paid in full as detailed below.
    4. Any instruments sent by courier for service or repair must be properly packed and include customer details and a full description of the work to be carried out. Shipping and packing charges for the delivery and return are to be paid in full by the customer. Leicestershire Luthiers are not responsible for the condition of instruments delivered by courier. 
  3. Quotations, Estimates and Charges  
    1. For routine service and repairs Leicestershire Luthiers work on a fixed price guide. Customers will be charged for replacement parts and labour at the standard rates as set by Leicestershire Luthiers (please see Website for Price Guide) Website Price Guide costs are subject to change by us at any time without prior notice.
    2. The quoted prices assume the instrument is delivered in good working order and complete, other than the necessary identified elements of repair quoted by the customer. Unless agreed otherwise cost of consumables and strings is not allowed for in the quotation and will be charged in addition. Unless agreed otherwise we do not re-fit or return old strings to the customer.
    3. Leicestershire Luthiers may request a deposit against any repair.
    4. The quoted charges do not include carriage delivery costs import duties or taxes for spare parts specifically procured for the work.
    5. Quotations are issued subject to the reasonable availability of any necessary components.
    6. Where a fixed price quotation cannot be provided an estimate of the likely charges will be offered as soon as any diagnostic work has been completed. This may be subject to change as work progresses. Work may be suspended pending the receipt of further instructions.
    7. If the revised estimate is rejected or additional parts are no longer available, the customer will be liable for full payment of all work undertaken.
    8. When an estimate has been provided but no reply is received by us within one calendar month it will be assumed that the estimate has been rejected.
    9. Where the customer was informed the project is beyond economical repair, or where the estimate has been refused, the customer and Leicestershire Luthiers will agree a mutually convenient time for the customer to collect the instrument. If the instrument is not collected within six calendar months, the title to the instrument will pass to Leicestershire Luthiers who shall be free to dispose of the instrument and recover costs from the proceeds.
    10. The customer must inform Leicestershire Luthiers in writing if their contact details change.
  4. Payment
    1. All payments, unless otherwise agreed, are to be paid on or before the instrument is collected from Leicestershire Luthiers. Instruments will not be released until full payment has been received in cleared funds. Payment to be by cash, cheque or bank transfer.
    2. Unless otherwise agreed, any instrument not paid for and collected within six calendar months from date of receipt will be sold or disposed of and costs due to Leicestershire Luthiers recovered from the proceeds.
  1. Diagnostics
    1. Should an instrument require testing to identify the cause of a problem it may be necessary to fit new parts, the cost of these parts is to be paid by the customer.
    2. At the end of the diagnostic phase the customer will be advised of likely charges. If the customer decides not to continue with the repair Leicestershire Luthiers will return the instrument in a similar condition to receipt.
  2. Repair and Intermittent faults
    1. Leicestershire Luthiers make all reasonable efforts to service or repair the instrument and to remedy any faults as reported by the customer. Any repair is subject to the availability of the necessary parts.
    2. Leicestershire Luthiers will fit appropriate quality spare parts to the instrument as required. Supply and brand of parts may vary and not match the original. If matching original or branded replacement parts are required, this is to be advised and agreed by the customer in advance.
    3. Intermittent faults can be difficult to isolate. Work is only accepted on the understanding there is no guarantee of a successful outcome. Should a fault re-occur then work will only continue at the customer’s request and further expense.
    4. Where agreed Leicestershire Luthiers will fit customers own parts. Full appropriate instructions are to be supplied by the customer for the parts, such as wiring diagrams.
    5. Unless agreed otherwise repair costs do not include cleaning instruments or making good of cosmetic finishes.

Completion Times

  1. Leicestershire Luthiers aims to repair, test and return instruments as quickly as possible. When an instrument is received for repair we will give an indication of the time required to complete the work. This may be extended due to unforeseen factors. If, within this period the customer cancels the repair, the customer is liable to pay the costs of all wok undertaken and all parts ordered, whether fitted or not.
  2. Leicestershire Luthiers will endeavor to meet urgent needs of the customer however strict deadlines for completion of work will not be agreed to. Leicestershire Luthiers will not be liable for non-availability of the instrument or instrument hire costs.
  1. Loss / Damage Liability
    1. All instruments will be treated with the utmost care and consideration. In any instance of loss/damage, liability will be limited to the value of the specific instrument on a like for like basis. Leicestershire Luthiers will not be liable for value of celebrity endorsement, existing damage, wear or tear or defects. Unless agreed otherwise Leicestershire Luthiers maximum liability will be limited to £2000 for any one instrument.
    2. All instruments must be deposited with an appropriate hard or soft case for protection on Leicestershire Luthiers premises. All straps must be removed from instruments and any valuables from cases before depositing for repair as no responsibility will be accepted  for their loss.
    3. it is not possible to establish conclusively the prior existence of a mark, no responsibility can be accepted for dents, bumps or scratches to instruments.
  2. Warranty
    1. Leicestershire Luthiers guarantees that any repair undertaken shall be free from defect in material and workmanship for a period of twelve months after collection or delivery of the instrument to the customer.
    2. This warranty does not cover any faults not previously reported by the customer or any new faults developed during the warranty period.
    3. The warranty excludes strings, batteries, adjustment to moving parts, wear and tear, physical damage due to incorrect use or misuse and any damage due to unauthorised repair or attempted repair change of strings or string gauge.
    4. Any new components sourced and fitted by Leicestershire Luthiers will be guaranteed for twelve months, excluding strings. Parts supplied by the customer are not guaranteed.
  3. ExclusionsEvery precaution is taken with instruments entrusted for repair. However, there are inherent problems with repair and replacement of certain parts. NCG will attempt to minimise all such likely damage but will not be liable for the following:
  • Damage to finishes where masking is required. Leicestershire Luthiers only use high quality low-tack tapes but will not be liable for damage caused by masking tape.
  • Instrument finishes can fuse parts together resulting in chipping on removal.
  • No responsibility will be accepted for chipping of lacquer around the nut during the course of removal or replacement. No responsibility will be accepted for damage arising from stud extraction.
  • “Plastic” parts often shrink and deform over time and cannot be removed without damage occurring.
  • Leicestershire Luthiers will not be liable for damaged caused where components have been glued, such as knobs & switch tips, altered or assembled contrary to manufactured standards. Leicestershire Luthiers will not be liable for damage caused by removal of worn, fused, glued or corroded parts. We always use the correct tools but occasionally stud and screw extractors and / or the application of heat is required to complete a repair.
  • Leicestershire Luthiers will not be liable for damage to finger boards or bindings on removal of frets.